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Datenbank für die Studie "Rh-GIOP"

Optimising both disease control and glucocorticoid dosing is essential for bone protection in patients with rheumatic disease

Edgar Wiebe,1 Dörte Huscher, 2 Désireé Schaumburg,1 Andriko Palmowski,1
Sandra Hermann, 1 Thomas Buttgereit,3,4 Robert Biesen ,1
Gerd-Rüdiger Burmester ,1 Yannick Palmowski,5 Maarten Boers ,6
John H Stone ,7 Christian Dejaco ,8,9 Frank Buttgereit

Study design and patient involvement Rh- GIOP is an ongoing single-centre open cohort study designed to collect and analyse disease-related and bone- related data from patients with iRMD with prior or current exposure to GC. We partnered with a patient representative from the Deutsche Rheuma- Liga to centre our research outcomes and questionnaire on patients’ preferences. Patients receiving longitudinal care at the inpatient or outpatient clinic of the Department of Rheu-matology and Clinical Immunology of Charité University Medicine are eligible. Data collection started in July 2015, and data are entered into an access database (programmed by Medikadat, Leverkusen, Germany). Five years of data extending through July 2020 are included.

Quelle: Ann Rheum Dis 2022;0:1–10. doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2022-222339

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